Full eye checkup

Who needs an eye checkup? Everyone with or without any complaints needs to have an eye checkup. This will detect any problems while it is still early for treatment to be instituted. If you are young below the age of 20 you will need eye check up every 2 years. Anyone above the age of 40 years needs an eye check every year. If you have conditions that may affect the eye for example diabetes and hypertension.

What is an eye checkup? Our checkups are personalized since each person is unique and needs are unique. In general, during an eye checkup, we will take a bit of your history including any complaints or if you have other illnesses or on medications. You will then be asked to read some letters or numbers to get to know how good (or bad) your vision is. Thereafter we will look into your eyes with several machines depending on the findings. If need be, you will be asked to do some tests before treatment can be prescribed.

How long will a complete checkup take? A full eye checkup takes between 20 to 40 minute